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Stand-Booth Catering - Standpartys

Our service for your exhibition stand and your stand- or customer party:

  - Catering for your trade fair guests and staff with fingerfood, bueffets and beverages
  - Delivery to your exhibition stand
  - Service staff, decoration, equipment
  - Catering of stand / booth- and customer partys
  - As desired, proofed all-inclusive-offers
  - We're happy to arrange a individual offer for you

Our service is available for the whole exhibition and for single days or events.

Crew Catering

Catering for fair worker crews and booth staff

  - changing lunch and daily food
  - buffet, fingerfood, beverages
  - Easily delivery also during the construction time
  - We're happy to arrange a individual offer for you

Our service is available for the whole exhibition and for single days or events.

Fingerfood - buffets

Beside our regular assortment of fingerfood and buffets, we offer special
Stand/Boothparty fingerfood-buffets.
Of course, you can mix all suggestions or change them as you like.

flying buffet

 Currywurst (curried sausage) with fruity homemade curry sauce in small wooden ships and mini cheese-filled rolls
 Thai-meatballs with ginger & Thaicurry
 Empanadas filled with meat
 Greek meat skewer with tzatziki in a small jar (verrines)
 homemade falafel
 fried halloumi with tomato-chickpeas-salad in small jars (verrines)
 Scampi-skewers with a salad of fine Chines noodles in a small bowl
 Minipitabread filled with aioli, rucola & fried Chorizzochips

tapas buffet

 goat cheeseballs with honey & sesame
 gambas al ajillo - grilled garlic-scampis on skewers
 pollo jerez - chicken breast fillet in sherry-honeysauce in small jars (verrines)
 chorizo - roasted spanish paprika sausage on skewers
 dátil con bacon - dates in bacon
 Cantaloupemelon-balls with serano-ham on skewers
 aceitunas variadas - mixed olives
 pollo picante - hot marinated chickenwings with barbecue-dip
 champinones marinados a la parrilla on skewers
 in addition bread & aioli

asian buffet

 Scampis on fine chinese noodle salad in small jars (verrines)
 Dim Sum
 Thai-meatballs with red curryand galgant (chinese ginger)
 Kroepoek crab-chips
 Mozzarella rolls with wild salmon in seaweed
 California Rolls
 pickled ginger in small bowls
 Kim Chi in small bowls(pickled chines cabbage hot)
 baked bananas with honey and pistachios

antipasti buffet

 gambas al ajillo - grilled garlic-scampis on skewers
 Arancini(sicilian saffron-rice-balls)
 Ricottatortellone-skewers with pesto rosso
 cherry-tomatos-salad with mozzarella-balls, mango & spring-onions in small jars (verrines)
 cheese-crissini with San Daniele ham
 pickled olives
 pollo picante - hot marinated chickenwings with Barbecue-Dip
 sardinian Pecorino with milanese salami-skewers
 roasted mushrooms on skewers
 with bread & pesto

Tex/Mex buffet

 baked jalapenos filled with freh cheese
 gambas al ajillo - grilled garlic-scampis on skewers on marinated tomatos in small jars (verrines)
 Empanadas with meat
 Miniquesadillas with salad, corn & chicken breast
 baked corncob with garlic butter
 Esca Beche Victorioso(marinated vegetable) in small jars (verrines)
 Buffalo Chicken Wings with Salsa Dip
 Pâo de Queigo (brazilian cheese rolls)
 Churrasquinho (meat skewers) on marinated black beans with koreander
 Guacomole with nachos

hessian buffet

 hearty brisket of beef in little bowls
 Frankfurt green sauce with egg in small jars (verrines)
 Frankfurt lentils salad with sausages
 Mini-pretzl-pieces with Spundekäs (traditional cheese)
 rustic sausage-salad with cheese, onions and cucumber in bowls
 Kasseler (smoked pork) skewer with pineapple
 Handkäs`tartare (traditionall cheese) deluxe on rye baguette
 apple wine (cider) cream in glasses (verrines)

Service - Staff

Capable and reliable servicestaff

By request, our events at the Frankfurt trade fair area are assisted by our service staff .
Please note, that we offer our staff only associated with our catering.

References - Trade Fair Catering

Azelis Deutschland Pharma GmbH, Krefeld, Germany Catering CPhI and FIE, October/November 2017
Transo-Pharm Handels-GmbH, Siek, Germany Catering CPhI, October 2017
Polytec Holding GmbH, Austria booth catering book fair, October 2017
ADEB, Association des Éditeurs Belges booth catering, visit of the Belgian Queen, book fair, October 2017
Polyterc Holding SG, Hörsching, Austria catering booth party IAA, September 2017
brother Internationale Industriemaschinen GmbH, Emmerich daily delivery of fingerfood Texprocess, May 2017
Audio-Technica Ltd., Leeds stand catering during the Prolight + Sound, April 2017
dBTechnologies Deutschland GmbH, Köln catering Standparty with 250 guests at Prolight + Sound, April 2017
Müpro Services GmbH, Hofheim catering Standparty with 200 guests at ISH, March 2017
Nibe AB, Schweden catering Standpartys at ISH, March 2017
Profil GmbH, Remscheid crewcatering before and after ISH, March 2017
Menerga GmbH, Mühlheim daily catering at ISH, March 2017
Schwank GmbH, Köln bueffet Standparty at ISH, March 2017
Robert Bosch GmbH Full-Service-Catering at ISH Frankfurt
Stiftung Warentest stand catering bookfair
rbr Messtechnik GmbH, Iserlohn catering during ISH in Frankfurt
KWB Deutschland GmbH, Mertingen stand party ISH
Polytec Holding AG, Hörsching, A stand party IAA Frankfurt
Koch, Neff & Oetinger Verlagsauslieferung GmbH, Stuttgart catering bookfair
Azelis Deutschland Pharma GmbH, Krefeld daily stand catering at CPHI Frankfurt
Umbra B.V., Almere, NL catering at Ambiente Frankfurt
MM Musik-Media-Verlag, Köln catering at music fair Frankfurt
Philips Lightning B.V., Eindhoven crew- and stand-full-service during Light & Building Frankfurt
ADEB - Association des Éditeurs Belges, Brüssel, B stand catering bookfair
weitere Referenzen finden Sie hier

request - offer

With pleasure we send you an tentative and free offer for your fair trade event or exhibition stand catering.
Call us, write us a mail or use our contact form.
We answer as soon as possible.

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Buffets, fingerfood or all-inclusive-events
with food, beverages, deco, equipement and service staff.

Our business is located close to the Frankfurt Trade Fair Area.
That enables us to react fast on developments of your trade stand.

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